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RAAAAAH. ): [23 Mar 2008|02:19pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

First off, I'd like to kick my own ass for agreeing to do fucking 12 hour shifts. It is now 2:15 and I am a third of the way though my shift. I'd like to kill myself now please. AAAAAAAAAAAAAH.

So in hate for 12 hour shifts, I'm going to rant like a mofo, because I have a bigass bottle of juice (unrelated to ranting, but damn it is delish) and nothing else better to do. 

Recently I hear there was some stupid boycott on LJ. I don't know the whole shebang, but apparently it boils down to 2 main points: 1) Livejournal is banning the use of words like "sex", "homosexuality", "drugs", etc from use as interests and 2) All free accounts created after X date will have ads in them. I will address these separately.

As for issue 1, I think people are getting their stupid internet panties in a twist about ABSOLUTELY NOTTTHINNGG. So what if you can't put "sex" as an interest in a blog? Hell, I can see tons of logic to it. One reason being that there are a lot of underaged individuals using livejournal, and there should be really no reason for them to be able to click on interest "sex" or whatever, and get themselves in a shitload of trouble. I'm not taking the evangelical route by saying RAH RAH RAH NO SEXUAL EDUCATION. What I'm saying is that I know when I was 14 I was doing things on the internet that I shouldn't have been doing. When you're 14 you think you're hot shit and that you're invincible. I know this is going to sound hella paranoid, but do we really need another way for internet pedophiles to look up young teens on livejournal? I think the answer is no. No matter how much you don't use your real name, lie about where you live, your ISP number will give your location away. Also, in my head, if you really need to discuss your love on bondage and shit, why don't you make your journal friends only and invite your friends to be on your flist and talk about your interests there. Why does the whole world need to know?

For issue number 2, it's pretty short and sweet: Stop expecting a massive amount of shit from a free account. Everyone wants something for nothing nowadays and it fucking pisses me off. OMG SO WHAT IF THERE ARE ADS ON YOUR ACCOUNT. SHIT, THE WORLD IS OVER. You know what you do with ads if they're there? YOU IGNORE THEM. You don't have to click them, it's completely voluntary. So what if your buddies have to scroll down a whole extra inch to read your entries? YOU HAVE AN ACCOUNT FOR FREE. STFD.


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ew wednesday. [19 Mar 2008|12:12pm]
[ mood | drained ]

Ugh, I'm really hating the idea of having to work in 2 hours. I really wish people would pay me to just, you know, exist. At least I'm getting... 4? days off next week because I have to recover from my SUPERMAJOREYEDRAMASURGERY. Woopee.

I have so much goddamn stuff to do. I haven't done laundry in approximately 3 weeks. I'm getting to the point of almost having to recycle underwear, which is gnarly. I don't live in a female prison, what gives? I found out that the one down side to living by oneself is that even after you scrub and bleach your house clean, in the next 12 hours its going to become a fucking pigsty again. Well, not literally, but Jesus Christ, I shouldn't have to sweep 43290473842 times a day. Damn shedding Wawa.

Andrew comes back in about 18 days, so that's pretty fucking sweet. The one benefit to working like a madman is that time goes by so quickly. I miss him ~*~LIKE THE DESERT MISSES THE RAIN~*~. It'll be nice to have someone to cuddle with and do silly things with again. The last time I saw him was in January, and I'm needing of the sex. Like, hardcore. You know its bad when you begin to have sexualized dreams about ZAC EFRON for Christ's sake. Just the most motherfucking metro(and probably homo)sexual actor in all of the universe. Ugh.

Working the lovely 1000-2200 shift all weekend at the hospital. I don't even know how to get through a singular 12 hour shift. I'm hoping we get some interesting cases like... I don't know, someone sticking an easter egg in their rectum or maybe someone impaling themselves with an electric carving knife. But not likely. We'll probably get a shit ton of laparoscopic appendectomies and laparoscopic cholecystectomies. MAYBE A POSSIBLE OPEN.. OH MY GOD CALL DR. HOUSE.

Been reading in the gossip sites about my dearest Amy Winehouse and her facial scabies. Everyone is all "OMG METH FAAAAAAAACE". Dude, no. She has impetigo, just like her rep said. It looks like impetigo. CALM THE FUCK DOWN. Bitch is probably MRSA+ because of all her years of hardcore drug usage. If she has impetigo caused by staphylococcus aureus, she can't get treat the disease with antibiotics. Why? BECAUSE MRSA STANDS FOR METHICILLIN RESISTANT STAPHYLOCOCCUS AUREUS. METHICILLIN IS AN ANTIBIOTIC. Medical terminology, let me learn you some. And no, she can't treat it with a cream. Why? Because impetigo has open sores. It is a BLOOD DISEASE not a SKIN. Topical treatments don't work. You gotta flood yourself with some lovely Biaxin and hope that the Staph goes the fuck away.

Remember kids, I'm not a doctor. I just play one on the internet. OHWAIT. I WILL BE IN 6 YEARS. LOLOLOL.

I've cracked.

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a new start [19 Mar 2008|12:07am]
[ mood | bored ]

So I decided to get back into the blogging thing, and instead of signing up for a new account, I figure I might as well make use of the one that I already have. So, just to re-inform whoever reads who I am, let's do an irritating meme:

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